“I haven’t spoken about it much”: Hamilton reveals childhood dream is still alive

Lewis Hamilton is not only the most successful Formula 1 driver on the grid, but he has a number of other talents as well.

Fashion, music and the entertainment industry has been close to his heart for a while now and the Stevenage-born driver has often spoken about making a career in one of these industries after retiring from the sport.

Some have even speculated that he will retire prematurely as a result of these multiple interests.

He recently spoke about another interest of his – outer space.

Hamilton revealed that he still has dream of becoming an astronaut, just like he did since a young age.

The 36-year-old claimed that he enjoys reading and watching things related to outer space and believes there is still so much left to be explored.

“You probably won’t know as I haven’t spoken much of it but I am crazy about space and read as much I can and watch everything I can on space,” Hamilton said.

“This image is one of the most exciting things for me personally this year.

“It is the successor to the Hubble telescope called the James Webb telescope.

“It is about 3x larger than the bubble and they are planning to place it just beyond the moon.

“Now just imagine over the next decade the images we might see of what’s further out there.”

“Or what’s out there in more detail. I for one am so excited I can’t wait. It is supposed to launch in October, I’ll be watching. I love the universe so much and all its unknown wonders. Oh, I still want to be an astronaut lol.”

Hamilton recently signed a one-year contract extension at Mercedes which will see him compete for the Silver Arrows in the upcoming season.

He will be chasing a record eighth Formula 1 world championship to become the most successful driver in the history of the sport.

He is currently tied with the legendary Michael Schumacher on seven titles.

While Mercedes has had its share of problems in pre-season testing, they will still start the season as favourites. Such has been their dominance in recent years.

Hamilton’s long-term future in the sport has come under serious speculation.

Will he quit the sport after winning title number 8 and look to make a career in some other field? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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