“I hope I won’t say anything bad about Mercedes”: Ecclestone wants Silver Arrows to be upstaged

Mercedes has been a dominant force in Formula 1 for quite a while now. This superiority has been applauded by former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Ecclestone believes that while the sport has not gained in popularity as a result of this lop-sided dominance, nothing can be taken away from the hard work put in by the Silver Arrows.

However, he wants a return of the days that saw Ferrari and Red Bull rule the grid.

Blaming predictability with the highly superior Mercedes car of recent years, Ecclestone said the sport has lost its charm.

However, he believes that the new regulations in place could make for a far better spectacle. In an interview with SportF1, Ecclestone was candid in his thoughts.

“I spoke to Toto. He knows my thoughts and feelings. I hope that I won’t say anything bad about Mercedes,” Ecclestone said.

“You did a fantastic job for Formula 1. But I would like to see it go back to the old days. When Ferrari or Red Bull dominated.

“It wasn’t that bad. If you go to a race now, you know that whoever on pole will probably win the race.

“That is the bad news right now. Mercedes is so dominant. That’s not their fault.

“They have done an incredible job. But I think regulations will be changed. You can’t change the core of Formula 1, but you have to make it easier for others to be competitive.”

While Mercedes’ struggles during pre-season testing have been well documented, many analysts believe the team is only sandbagging.

Last year, Red Bull tried its best to compete with Mercedes, but just couldn’t keep up with the Silver Arrows.

Ferrari, meanwhile, had a dismal season. Much of this can be attributed to the troubles of Sebastian Vettel, who had a forgettable season that eventually led to him being shown the door.

The new Aston Martin recruit, it is believed, struggled psychologically as he never got the love he felt he deserved.

This year, both Red Bull and Ferrari will be optimistic that they can improve on their performances last season.

Do you believe either of these teams can give Mercedes a run for its money this season?

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