“I know how this sport works”: Ricciardo concedes he won’t bet house on becoming world champion

Daniel Ricciardo leaving Red Bull Racing in 2018 to join a significantly slower Renault left many wondering if he made the right choice.

The Australian was, however, confident that he would be able to turn things around for the French outfit. The reality was far from that.

After a two-year stay at Renault, he jumped to McLaren with hopes of clinching his first world championship title with the outfit.

As of now, Ricciardo’s confidence seems to be diminishing. He feels that the competitive nature of the sport could become a hindrance for him.

With the approaching 2022 season, things will only get more complicated in the Australian’s pursuit of a championship win. While talking about the current season, Ricciardo mentioned that he would not bet his house on winning a championship title.

What did he say?

The Australian revealed that even though his goals are still the same, his hopes are slowly dwindling.

“I would not say that I am afraid of it. I have never doubted my ability. But I know enough to know that such a competitive sport, there are no guarantees,” he said.

“I have not changed my goal. But it is true that I could not be another ten years in Formula 1. I still trust myself. But not enough to bet my house that I will win the title. I know how this sport works.”

After his switch to McLaren, Ricciardo has been having a tough time, especially during the first couple of race weekends. He was clocked slower than teammate Lando Norris.

The 31-year-old needs to make a strong comeback if he wishes to remain a key McLaren representative.

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