“I made a mistake this morning”: Grosjean crashes in first IndyCar outing

Former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean had to watch what would have been his last two races in the sport from the sidelines.

A horrific car crash had meant that the former Haas driver’s career in the sport ended on a somewhat drab note. On collision, his car pierced through the steel barriers. These in turn managed to open up the fuel pod.

There was fire all around and while Grosjean suffered minor injuries, it could have been a lot worse.

The Frenchman already knew his time was up, with his team telling him that they were looking at other options even before this crash took place.

Since then, Grosjean has managed to largely recover and has confirmed his participation at IndyCar.

However, almost epitomising his career as a driver, Grosjean managed to crash on his first day in the sport.

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He has reportedly been cleared of any major injury and is believed to be safe.

His car, meanwhile, didn’t come out unscathed. It has suffered damage to its flooring due to its rough landing onto the gravel.

Unable to control his car, Grosjean was forced to call an end to the day following the crash. He later spoke about it with The Race.

“I made a mistake this morning, and I spun. I was stuck in the gravel,” he said.

“[The track] has consequences, and you need to stay within the limits, which I always quite enjoy.”

Set to feature for Dale Coyne Racing in IndyCar, Grosjean has already confirmed that he will miss all oval races.

While he has been driving professionally for a considerable period of time, Grosjean explained how it is tough coming back from any injury. He mentioned pain in his biceps during testing.

“After the first run my biceps started hurting a bit, and I thought, ‘OK, OK. Now we’re talking,” he said.

“You can actually use different lines, whereas in Formula 1 you may be more stuck to the ideal line because of how the aerodynamics work.”

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