“I remember it well”: Mick reveals what father Michael said when he confessed desire to be racer

Many successful Formula 1 drivers attribute their skills to experiences they gathered through karting. The initial years one spends karting can make or break a career in this sport.

Mick Schumacher is no different. In an interview, the German revealed the exact conversation he had with his father, Michael Schumacher, when he decided that he wanted to race professionally.

Mick and his father were in a small town in Germany when this moment took place. In an interview, Mick opens up on the conversation.

“I was with my father, I remember it well: we were in Kerpen, at the kart track. We were chatting and he asked me if I considered racing as a simple hobby or a serious thing. I was clear: it was serious for me.”

Now, the reaction of a parent who was already a part of the racing field, could be either of excitement or hesitation. But Mick’s parents were absolutely calm when they learned of his desires.

“He and my mother supported me in this choice,” Mick said.

The advice a parent gives can leave a lasting impression on the child. For instance, Lewis Hamilton’s signature late braking was learnt from his father Anthony Hamilton.

In case of Mick, Michael wanted him to prove his dedication by engaging in practice on track.

“The most important thing he told me was that I enjoyed what I was doing. And seeing that I put that suggestion into practice was very important to him then. If you love what you do, you do it well,” Mick added.

Michael’s advise eventually paid off and his son managed to win F2 before getting a chance on the F1 grid.

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