“I want to be like him”: Marvin Vettori reveals the two fighters who inspired him to enter MMA

Marvin Vettori has named the two fighters who inspired him to take up MMA.

Vettori, a UFC middleweight challenger from Italy, is on the verge of writing his name in the history of UFC. When he competes for the UFC middleweight championship in June 2021, he could become the first Italian boxer to win a UFC world title.

Vettori opened up to his coach Master Rafael Cordeiro on The OG Talk Podcast ahead of his title battle.

Vettori remembered growing up in a small town where most people were unfamiliar with the sport of MMA. He went on to say that MMA legends Wanderlei Silva and Fedor Emelianenko inspired him to take up the sport.

Vettori said, “It was just me that got like so fascinated by like; I remember Fedor. At the top of my head, if you tell me who are the two fighters that got you crazy about MMA, I remember Fedor and I remember Wanderlei Silva.”

He continued, “I remember Wanderlei Silva. I remember watching that video of like, there was a highlights video of him training and all these knockouts and stuff. And I’m like, ‘Man, this guy is a superhuman’. I want to be like him. He’s like,” Marvin Vettori proceeded to make the signature Wanderlei Silva pre-fight gesture with his hands.”

“And then the other like – you know, both G’s, but in a different way. Fedor like, cold, cold, ice cold,” Vettori added. 

He pointed to the disparity in styles between Silva and Emelianenko, describing Silva as a fiery and articulate warrior and Emelianenko as a cool and unemotional fighter.

Vettori stressed that both fighters are legends of distinct fighting styles.

Marvin Vettori and Israel Adesanya to face-off

Vettori’s next title defence will pit him against reigning UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

Adesanya defeated Vettori via split decision in their first fight at UFC on FOX: Poirier vs. Gaethje (April 2018).

Vettori has put together a remarkable winning streak and has gone unbeaten since his defeat to Adesanya. This is something he hopes to build on with a victory over Adesanya.

The rematch between Vettori vs Adesanya will headline UFC 263 on June 12th, 2021 at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

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