“I was a bit naughty”: The story of how Mercedes trophy was stolen by team’s employee

Mercedes has been dominant since 2014. The team has not spent a single year in any position but 1. That obviously means they have trophies stacked one upon the other. Is it at all possible that one of them ever got misplaced, or worse still, stolen?

Simple answer? Yes. Real story? Yes. Did it involve a man within the team’s ranks? Again, yes.

Mercedes technical director Mike Elliott shared a story of this incident with interviewer Michael McGrath.

Elliott spoke about a number of things through the course of the interaction, but what was most interesting was when he stole the constructor’s trophy after the team’s win in Barcelona 2014.

“I went up in 2014 in Barcelona, we had only just started winning,” he said.

“When you know what’s gone into it, you know how much effort loads of people have put into it, it’s kind of an amazing experience.”

Then comes the meat of the story.

“I was a bit naughty, I nicked off with the trophy, the constructors trophy, after the race. I took it home with me.

“I am not sure Toto knows about that,” he said.

“Well, he does now,” the interviewer McGrath quipped back.

The winning team sends a representative to collect the trophy which is placed on the podium. When Elliot was designated to perform this task in 2014, he just couldn’t help but get all Gollum on it.

“Highlight so far is collecting the trophy on behalf of your team.

“I think it’s a completely humbling experience to stand up and collect that trophy and know that you’ve done that on behalf of the hundreds of people, both in Brackley and in Brixworth,” he explained.

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