Ice hockey world championship 2022

From 13th to 29th May 2022 hockey players and fans will have their eyes on Finland as it hosts the 2022 International Ice Hockey Championship. Two Finish cities, Tampere and Helsinki will play host to an event that will see 14 teams battling out for the prestigious cup.

For those who are into hockey betting, this is a major event in the sporting calendar. Various hockey betting sites are already making predictions on which teams may emerge the winner. Kate Richardson observes that Finland, Canada, Sweden, and the Czech Republic have been given some of the highest odds. 

The online sports betting expert says these predictions have been made from a comprehensive analysis, looking at how each team has performed in the past ice hockey world championship and also how the team has prepared for this event. Kate has in the past provided a comprehensive analysis of teams that are participating in such events.

She has also offered hockey bettors and enthusiasts tips and predictions, information she says has been out of the research and analysis carried out in the field. 

History of the tournament

To have a better understanding of this tournament, it is important that we look at the tournament history. Ice Hockey dates way back to the nineteenth century when the International Ice Hockey Federation was created as a body to regulate sporting activity. The first organized Ice Hockey Championship took place in March 1875 in Montreal Canada.

In Europe, the sport started to develop in 1897 with the first matches being played in 1902. A five-team league was formed with the first international play happening in Berlin, Germany in 1908. The championship was to happen every year until it was suspended due to First World War.

When Canada is mentioned widely as one of the favorites in this champion, it is not out of blues. The team has dominated this tournament for quite some time. This did not start yesterday; it has been the case from 1920 all the way to 1932 when the country won six times during the period. The winning streak was only been broken by the Czech Republic, Soviet Union, and Sweden’s entrance into the tournament where they dominated it for a considerable time. 

Domination of the tournament by one team and more so in Canada came to an end in 1976 when the Ice Hockey Federation allowed professionals into all teams. Canada was to return that year but all the other teams were now in good form. The level of competition improved greatly such that even the experienced players found it hard to dominate. Canada’s first victory after these changes only came eighteen years after in 1994.

The tournament is scheduled to take place annually between the month of April and May. It coincides with the beginning of the NHL playoffs where only those players who are not in the NHL can participate in the national team.

Participating teams

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For those who may have seen the Ice Hockey World Championship 2021 schedule, the hosts were Belarus and Latvia. It is interesting to know that Belarus is not participating in this year’s event due to the events that have taken place in the recent past.

Some have commented and said that fans from Belarus and Russia have to start looking where to watch the ice hockey world championship. The teams from two countries have been banned from taking part in the event after Russia invaded Ukraine.

The country has also suffered economic sanctions that saw the event venue being shifted from Helsinki Halli which is owned by Russian oligarchs to Helsinki Ice Hall. For the Russian fans looking where to watch ice hockey world championship online, it may be a bit challenging as some sites may not be available in their country due to the sanctions.

However, all will not be lost as there are online hockey betting sites that are still available for Russian fans. The teams which will be participating in this year’s ice hockey world championship include:

  • Finland
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • the Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France 
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • the United States
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Great Britain
  • Norway
  • Kazakhstan
  • Switzerland

Following the expulsion of the Russian and Belarus teams from the competition, their places were taken by Austria and France.

According to the events schedule, the opening match will be between France and Slovakia with Germany and Canada meeting later in the day. Canada is expected to perform well in this tournament.

Pundits have been questioning whether the team is headed for its past glory where it used to dominate the tournament. The team won its 27th title last year and if they take home the championship, they will have managed to dominate the tournament once more. It will also be interesting to watch how the two teams that took the slots of expelled sides will perform.

The 2022 men’s IIHF World Championship is one of the highest-profile tournaments in this game. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see how their teams will perform. Hockey betting enthusiasts are also looking forward to wagering for their best teams and players. In less than two months, the action will be packed as all hockey enthusiasts witness the events that will shape the future of the sporting activity.

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