“I’d rather go to races in a sailing ship”: Vettel on why practicality has to be weighed in

Sebastian Vettel is not only driving green this year, but he is also raising his voice towards going green in our daily lives. In an interview, Vettel has revealed that he believes in climate activism and relates it to his driving profession.

In the interview, Vettel talks about the harmony between his desire to save the planet while also driving a Formula 1 car.

“There are probably people who are now pointing the finger at me and saying I’m hypocritical because I’m a Formula 1 driver. Because we race and because we travel to most places by plane. But, racing is my profession and my passion,” the 33-year-old explained.

“My point is that there are ways to make the whole Formula One business much more environmentally friendly and sustainable, too,” he said.

Basically, Vettel disagrees with the fact that drivers and their teams take many plane trips to go from one race venue to the other.

“Sure, I’d rather go to the races by sailing ship, but then the others would leave without me. So it’s all about optimizing the necessary travel and making it more efficient. Because traveling around the globe leaves the biggest footprint,” said Vettel.

“One thing is certain: Formula 1 in itself is not exactly the most climate-friendly sport. But there are approaches to questioning the calendar so that people don’t zigzag and save themselves unnecessary travel. Formula 1 can no longer hide from that.” he concluded.

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