“If the engine stops like that”: Tsunoda’s blip might spell bad news for Red Bull

Yuki Tsunoda’s run at the Spanish Grand Prix ended early as his AlphaTauri came to an abrupt halt after just six laps. This could lead to similar consequences for Max Verstappen’s Honda engine.

Honda technical director Toyoharu Tanabe revealed what exactly went wrong with the engine.

Tanabe said that the problem was due to an issue with the fuel pressure. However, the worrying sign was that there was no warning before the incident occurred.

“We had a problem with the fuel pressure, and it suddenly fell off,” Tanabe explained to Japanese outlet AS-Web.

“We will immediately investigate the cause of this and, if necessary, take measures with all other cars [AlphaTauri and Red Bull].

“The problem was suddenly there. The engine ran out of gasoline and therefore the car stopped.”

Tsunoda also stated that his rear wheels were blocked after his engine failed. Tanabe felt that this was a normal response from the car.

“If the engine stops like that, then the gears also lock,” Tanabe concluded.

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