“If you defend”: Jan Blachowicz challenges Jiri Prochazka to a fight on neutral territory

Jiri Prochazka has been enjoying appreciation from all around the world after he defeated contender Dominick Reyes at their UFC Vegas 25 clash this Saturday. He has now secured two wins via knockout on the trot.

Jan Blachowicz, who is the current champion, acknowledged Prochazka for his recent performance. However, he did not shy away from challenging him to a fight in Cieszyn.

Blachowicz chose Cieszyn as it is a Polish town near the border of the Czech Republic. It is a meeting point between the two countries (As Blachowicz is from Poland and Prochazka is from Czech Republic).

Prochazka said that he is ready to fight, but first, Blachowicz needs to go up against Glover Teixeira to defend his crown.

The tweet confused fans as Blachowicz was supposed to go up against Glover Teixeira, but instead he was calling out Prochazka. Later, he explained that the tweet was Slavic humour and he is still determined to fight Teixeira.

Meanwhile Prochazka is proving to be a bright prospect for UFC. During an interview, he said, “For me, it’s not these title shots and the fighting and matchmaking for me, it’s not so important to me.

“What’s important is the journey, to enjoy the tough opponents, to enjoy sharing the cage with hard opponents, and that’s why I like it. And this fight was great, but I enjoy that.”

He surely has a long way to go in UFC and his path looks bright.

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