“If you’re not happy with your wife”: Wolff takes strange swipe at rivals in response to simple question

The weekend of the Spanish Grand Prix has not been so kind to Red Bull as they have been receiving constant trolling at the hands of rivals Mercedes.

Initially started by Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff also joined the banter.

There have been several rumours claiming that Bottas will be replaced by George Russell mid-season.

When Bottas was asked if this were true, he pointed discreetly at Red Bull claiming that they are the only team on the paddock who change their drivers at the drop of a hat.

Wolff was asked this same question and he gave an answer similar to Bottas.

After Friday’s practice sessions, Wolff confirmed to the media that Bottas will not be going anywhere, at least till the end of 2021.

“Yeah, absolutely, unless he gets flu and can’t drive he’s going to be in that car,” the Austrian said.

“I see no reason to change as these guys over there [gesturing to Red Bull] like to play. How do you say with the chairs? Musical chairs. So nope, no change expected.

“If you’re not happy with your wife and you start to look for other ones it’s not going to improve the relationship. I try to work on the relationship with my driver and achieve the best result for him before I’m starting to flirt with somebody else,” he concluded.

With the outfit wanting their driver to stay another year, George Russell will have to wait before a seat becomes available for him with the Silver Arrows.

Will Bottas continue with Mercedes after the end of this year? Only time will tell.

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