“I’ll be back soon”: Derek Anderson to receive additional 6-month suspension following kidney failure

Derek Anderson announced that he will be facing two concurrent medical suspensions in an Instagram post after his fight with Michael Page at Bellator 258.

He wrote, “Still smiling. Thank you @bellatormma @therealscottcoker Love to be back ASAP but went to the hospital 4 times as I was having kidney failure my whole camp and could hardly train, I wanted to make this fight happen.

“I’ll be back after a short vacation to recover and now I have some new wounds to lick. To my friends, family, and fans I LOVE you all and don’t worry about the haters I’m happy I get to lead the life I do and criticism is part of it.

“Broke my hand drawing first blood so there’s that but all respect to @michaelvenompage definitely want to do it again sometime”.

Anderson was suspended a minimum of 120 days for a badly injured nose after his fight with Page. But the event’s overseeing athletic commission added a six-month suspension as he failed to disclose his prior medical issues on his pre-fight medical work.

Anderson struggles with kidney problem

Anderson was suffering from kidney failure since his camp and could hardly train. But, he did not reveal it in his pre-medical paperwork.

According to Mohegan Tribe Department of Athletic Regulation Executive Director Michael Mazzulli, Anderson will now need to meet a list of requirements to have the six-month suspension lifted before it’s expiration on November 7.

This includes an MRI and ultrasound of his kidney, blood tests, a consultation with a kidney specialist and weekly visits to his physician for a weight check for the next four weeks.

“These fighters have to understand it’s a serious thing to lie on the pre-fight physical,” Mazzuli said.

In Nevada, the pre-fight questionnaire is a legal document that is filled out under penalty of perjury.

In the past, several MMA fighters have been suspended for inaccuracies in their answers.

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