“I’m holding onto his hat for dear life”: Jake Paul opens up about his confrontation with Mayweather

Jake Paul is one of the most powerful provocateurs in combat sports, but even he didn’t think he could get under Floyd Mayweather’s skin so quickly.

Last week, when Paul was in attendance at the press conference for Mayweather‘s upcoming exhibition boxing match with Paul’s brother Logan on June 6, the YouTube star-turned-boxer and the multi-division world champion met face-to-face. It wasn’t a friendly meeting, as Paul took advantage of the situation to grab a hat off Mayweather’s head, sparking a messy scuffle.

Paul has been a focus for professional fighters from both the boxing and MMA worlds in recent months, but he admitted to Chael Sonnen on the You’re Welcome podcast that the scene was surreal even for him.

Paul said, “With all that was going on, it was a bit of a sensory overload.”

He continued, “There was, like, eight guys around me all grabbing me, some hitting me in the leg. I’m holding onto his hat for dear life. I was like, ‘No! I’m not letting go!’ And that was the main thing that they were concerned about it, like, ‘Give us the f*cking hat, give us the hat!’ And I was like, ‘No! Noooo!

“Then they finally got the hat and then I see this angry Floyd Mayweather, I couldn’t believe it. One of his security guards had my shirt wrapped around his hand so I couldn’t get away, and he just comes running at me and he’s throwing punches over the security guard.

“I’m literally like, ‘Oh wow, this is crazy,’ but the funny thing about it was none of the punches were even coming close to me at that point and he actually punched his own security guard in the side of the head. Absurd moment, hilarious. I didn’t think he was gonna get that mad over a hat.”

Though Logan is the one who will face Mayweather in the near future, Paul has been the most effective pro boxer so far. Paul has a record of 3-0 against celebrities, with Ben Askren, a retiring former MMA champion, being his most recent victory.

On April 17, he knocked out Askren in the first round at the highly-publicised Triller Fight Club event in Atlanta.

Before the battle, Paul didn’t hesitate to throw shade at Askren. He and Logan have made a name for themselves through viral YouTube videos involving numerous pranks and stunts.

The Mayweather event was yet another chance for Paul to play the clown.

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