“I’m on a mission for one person”: Michael Page sets sights on defeating Douglas Lima

Michael Page scored a win against Derek Anderson at Bellator 258. It was a rather high voltage fight packed with entertainment.

After the fight, Page prepared himself for the usual criticism.

He said, “Because of how I do things with ease, I think he’s now just become a can, but not because he’s not an amazing fighter, not because he’s a tough MMA fighter, but because of how I make people look when I’m in there,” Page told reporters after the event on Friday at Mohegan Sun Arena.

“And I’ve kind of accepted that. But I’m on a mission for one person, and that’s Douglas Lima .”

Michael Page has often targeted relatively new fighters ever since he entered Bellator. However, when he lost to the welterweight champion Douglas Lima, it burst his bubble. He believes that a rematch will prove that he’s as good as he says he is.

Lima is scheduled to fight against No.1 Yaroslov Amosov, who was initially No.2 below Page.

He was promoted to the top spot in the second reiteration of the promotion’s best-of-list. We have to now see what happens in that fight. Whatever happens in Bellator 260, Page should be in pole position.

“It should be the next fight … and where I’m placed on the ranking system, regardless of anybody’s opinion, that’s where I am,” Page said.

“I was No. 1. Now I’m No. 2, and the champion’s fighting. Technically, I should go up now, so whoever loses that fight, I’m now the No. 1 ranked fighter, which means I deserve a title fight.”

“In all honestly, I’ve been doing this for a while. Some of the guys I’ve fought are amazing fighters, but just my style changes how it looks,” Page concluded.

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