“I’m sure he can get there”: Upcoming biopic starring Jamie Foxx to document ‘Ironman’ Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson has been a hot topic in the media ever since he donned a pair of gloves and stepped into the ring. An upcoming biopic starring Jamie Foxx will focus on the heavyweight legend.

Variety.com reported that it has been planned for years but will now be published as a limited series. Tyson was spotted by TMZ as he¬†entered an airport. They asked him what he thought of Foxx’s portrayal of ‘Iron’ Mike.

“It’s great,” Tyson said. The reporter prodded Tyson further, asking if he thought the impression was up to scratch. “Magnificent,” Tyson replied.

The final question was whether Jamie Foxx’s body is in good enough shape for the role.

“I’m sure he can get it there,” Tyson laughed.

Tyson said Foxx understands what he has to do. The former heavyweight champion didn’t seem to be interested in waiting to speak with TMZ.

When he claimed the heavyweight title, ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson transcended to the sport of boxing. He is known for his ferocious knockout strength and fast movement. He was often seen knocking out bigger men.¬†

Tyson was virtually a household name

Even those who did not observe boxing became familiar with Tyson. People talk about the incident with Evander Holyfield till this date. 

Tyson’s success and glory extended beyond boxing. He led a lavish lifestyle, always flaunting his mansions and race cars, among other luxuries. But the boxer’s collapse from grace was equally painful. Tyson allegedly lost his $400 million fortune when he declared bankruptcy in 2003, owing more than $20 million.¬†

Tyson is a different guy today. He has progressed from an aggressive champion who revelled in flaunting his fortune to a mild-mannered ranch owner and podcast host.

According to screenrant.com, the limited series biopic will not be broadcast until 2022. When it does, it would undoubtedly be a treat to watch.

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