“Indirect invitation to hinder”: Marko criticises Wolff for applying unfair pressure

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has labeled Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko as ‘grumpy’ after his comments following the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Marko had raised his voice against McLaren during the weekend, claiming that the team tried to help its engine supplier Mercedes by blocking Max Verstappen in Q3.

He also complained about the ‘track regulations’ that cost Verstappen a point for the fastest lap.

“He’s not the doctor, he’s grumpy,” said Wolff to Speedweek.

“You can’t be so bitter. When you see the world as a conspiracy like that, it doesn’t make your life any more cheerful.”

Marko, however, had a strong reply for Wolff.

“My God, it’s a very tough duel, and psychology is part of it. If Toto sees it that way, then leave it to him.”

Despite Lando Norris and Andreas Seidl speaking against it, Marko still has his suspicion that McLaren tried to help Mercedes.

“It’s strange when you say, ‘Don’t do him a favour. This is an indirect invitation to more or less hinder him. As an engine manufacturer, you have the opportunity to cooperate with the customer teams.

“We do the same with AlphaTauri to a certain extent, but without being unfair,” said Marko.

Do you think Marko is right to suggest that McLaren helped Mercedes? Let us know in the comments below!

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