“Injuries, age and life have shown me that it’s time”: Alan Jouban announces retirement from MMA

On Monday, UFC welterweight and commentator announced his retirement from fighting, claiming that it is the best time to call it quits. He believes he has achieved a lot in his career and it was the right time to end this dream.

“I’d like to officially announce my retirement from MMA,” Jouban wrote on Instagram. “Fighting and the UFC have given me everything I have today!

“I would not change a single thing from my journey because I got to live my dream and not know what was next. My coaches, my teammates, those of you that were a part of this, I appreciate you so much! Thank you to my supporters and even my opponents along the way.

“Injuries, age and life have shown me that it’s time. If I can’t compete to my fullest, then I won’t. So I’ll focus my time now on broadcasting where I can still share my passion and knowledge for the sport with everyone at home.

“Thank you to everyone for all the love over the years. I look forward to becoming a staple in the sport from this end now as well.”

Jouban joined the UFC roster in 2014 after a 9-2 record outside the promotion. Inside the octagon, he has taken down several notable fighters over the years including Belal Muhammad, Mike Perry and Ben Saunders.

His last fight was in 2020 where he scored a win against Jared Gordon via unanimous decision.

Apart from fighting, he is also a model and commentator. Jouban has become a staple on UFC broadcasts while serving as part of the in-studio analyst team on ESPN.

After his retirement announcement, it would not be wrong to say that he intends to focus even more on his broadcast career.

Jouban will be retiring with a 17-7 record overall including an 8-5 record in the UFC.

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