Is the commercial benefit of bringing Hamilton and Verstappen together tempting Mercedes?

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are currently keeping F1 fans at the edge of their seats this season. But if we were to put aside the fight between Mercedes and Red Bull, is there something that can make things more exciting?

Many seem to believe that a battle between both the drivers, driving equal machines at Mercedes would make for a great watch. This would certainly show the world which driver is better.

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Unfortunately, the possibility of both the drivers driving for Mercedes will not be happening any time soon. While many Dutch fans might be pondering over Verstappen’s move to Mercedes, a lot has to happen for the shift to take place.

It is not difficult to imagine that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff would love to have the Dutchman join his outfit. Considering the fact that Verstappen has an exit clause in his contract, Mercedes will be more than happy to have him on board.

Does Hamilton vouch for Verstappen?

While Hamilton has mentioned several times that he would be more than happy to have Verstappen as a part of the team, things are different behind-the-scenes.

After months of negotiation, Wolff and Hamilton signed a deal for just one season and at a lower salary.

Considering the Brit and his team boss never gave a clear answer on the short duration of the contract, the only possible explanation seems to be – ‘the future of Max Verstappen’.

For now, the Dutchman is with Red Bull till 2023, there are exit clauses that he might use if the outfit does not perform.

One thing is certain, Hamilton and Wolff will want to hold their negotiations before summer.

Verstappen will not be available on the market before 2022. This will let Hamilton continue his career with Mercedes.

Wolff wants to find the ‘face’ of Mercedes

Wolff is certain that the team needs ‘a face’ which can help them gain exposure, land them endorsements, and compete for the title in 2022. Hamilton is just the person for that.

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Yes, George Russell can also be a possibility, but he still needs a lot more experience.

While Verstappen has faith in Red Bull and its engine program, he knows that the outfit needs to do a lot more before they can be at par with Mercedes.

The Honda engine still lacks power and their hybrid system is less efficient as compared to that of Mercedes. With an engine freeze not far away, Red Bull really needs to up its game.

With new regulations to be introduced in 2022, the playing field will become wide open. Red Bull is aware that it will have to provide its top driver with a competition-worthy car.

For now, one thing is clear, Verstappen will not be joining Mercedes any time soon. This means that Hamilton will remain team leader as Valtteri Bottas is not giving his best.

This could mean that Hamilton would consider signing a new contract which would be finalised during the summer break.

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