“It could get very messy”: Wolff to push Red Bull under FIA microscope; Merc front wing challenged too

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has revealed that he will take Red Bull up to the stewards if the outfit features its flexible rear wing in Azerbaijan.

While a technical directive has been issued to tighten the rear wing flex, it does not come into play till June 15.

This means that the team can run the controversial design at the Azerbaijan GP.

Red Bull RB16B rear wing. Source: motorsportmagazine.com

‘Bendy rear wing can be beneficial in Baku’

Baku has one of the longest straights in any of the Formula 1 circuits. As a result, a flexible rear wing can be highly beneficial.

Wolff has said that Mercedes will be holding a protest if Red Bull and three other outfits who are running the wings have them fitted in Azerbaijan.

“I think if the limbo wings are on in Baku with the advantage that we see it’s gonna go to the stewards and if the stewards are not enough, then it’s going to go to the ICA (the FIA’s International Court of Appeal),” Wolff explained on Sky Sports F1.

Toto Wolff. Source: www.planetf1.com

“So I guess the FIA is gonna clarify things before Baku because, if not, it could be very messy.”

Wolff goes on to say that the entire scenario is a legal grey area considering the cars with the disputed part will be allowed to run another Grand Prix.

Mercedes’ front wing also disputed

Red Bull boss Christian Horner had recently pointed out that Mercedes’ front wing is also highly controversial.

Wolff, however, affirms that their wing is fully compliant with the rules and regulations.

“We’ve analyzed the front wings and they are bending exactly the same way [as] the Red Bull and the Mercedes wing so we could be protesting each other on the front wing also.

“But it’s clear that the rear wing bends more than it should. Under the rules, it has been classified as nonconformant, but we are left in a vacuum where a new test will be introduced after Baku.

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner. Source: thesportsrush.com

“So, it is what it is but we have played it pretty robust in our legal position and it’s just an advantage.

“But today is not the time to really talk about rear wings because they won fair and square here. The wing had nothing to do with Red Bull’s performance, they were just better and that’s what you need to take on the chin and congratulate them.”

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