“It is meat and potatoes”: Beneil Dariush reveals his strategy ahead of bout against Tony Fergusson

Beneil Dariush is all set for his bout against Tony Ferguson at UFC 262. This will be the biggest fight of his UFC career and he has a defined game plan to tackle Ferguson.

He said, “The way I prepare for it is meat and potatoes – basics, basics, basics. Because I know he’s a wild guy, and the best way to beat wildness is just fundamentals. That’s kinda what I’m thinking, just stick to my fundamentals they’re gonna overcome eventually.”

He continued,“I think for sure he has holes in his game but the way he makes up for those holes is just toughness. And I think I can take an advantage of that for sure.

“I think he definitely takes a lot of damage, we just watched his fights. He’s a madman. But, he takes a lot of damage in order to inflict damage. So, I am gonna have to be able to give the damage without taking it. It can’t be one for one. I have to make him respect me.”

To defeat Tony Ferguson, Dariush needs to have a lot of precision as ‘El Cucuy’ can be quite unpredictable. There’s no possible way of knowing what he’s going to do next.

While many might think that Ferguson might not be in his prime anymore, that might just serve as a prime motivator for him to prove everyone wrong.

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