“It is not ideal”: Sebastian Vettel left with tears in his eyes during free practice

Sebastian Vettel was left with his eyes filled with tears during the practice session at the Monaco Grand Prix on Thursday. After something went into his eye, his vision was compromised through the lap.

The four-time Formula 1 world champion was even presented a comical makeshift eyepatch by his Aston Martin teammates which he wore proudly.

Sebastian Vettel sporting his eye-patch. Source: gpfans.com

“I had the first run and something got into my eye, and then it got worse on the second run,” the German explained during an interview.

“So the team was quite nice and they made me this,” he said, displaying his patch. “So I probably think I´ll keep that and it will keep me safe for the rest of the weekend.”

What did Vettel say?

During FP2, Vettel took to the radio and said that either his eye was bleeding or he was feeling “super-emotional”.

“It was just tears and tears and I was blinking the whole lap. Not ideal on a track like this,” the two-time Monaco GP winner added.

While talking about his two practice sessions, the German disclosed that the entire ‘situation’ was not ideal for a track like Circuit de Monaco.

“As usual, it is very close in the midfield, which means getting everything perfect on Saturday afternoon, and being lucky with the traffic, is what matters,” he said.

“I feel happy with the work we did today and if we can get everything together over the weekend, we can hopefully be near the front of the midfield group.”

In the first session, Vettel came in eighth and while managed a 10th in second.

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