“It took a lot out of us”: Hamilton says rivalry with ‘great man’ Vettel brought them closer together

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel have been a part of one of the greatest F1 rivalries in the 21st century. While Hamilton makes it to the top, the German has often been hot on his heels.

For the fans, the on-track battles have always been a treat to watch. But, Hamilton revealed that it took a toll on both the drivers.

The seven time world champion also revealed that as both were racing for teams which were rivals as well, that made the pressure on them even more intense.

During the press conference before the race in Imola, Hamilton spoke about how difficult it was for him to race Vettel during his time with Ferrari.

“I think it is just knowing how hard it is to be where we are today, knowing that I was racing against an incredible driver, and not only that but a great man in Seb,” he said.

“He’s a four-time world champion. And we were racing against another team. He was at Ferrari, who were very strong at that time.

“So, it took a lot out of both of us in that period of time, to remain focused, to deliver weekend in weekend out.”

Even though Vettel’s time with Ferrari dates back to 2015, he started to show his true form in the 2017 season. By the end of that season, there was a difference of only 46 points between Vettel and Hamilton.

2018 began on a great note for Vettel as he won the initial two races. But, Hamilton quickly gathered pace and beat him quite comfortably in the end.

“And whilst it was a difficult period for us, it brought us closer as well. Because the respect that we have between us is huge,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton has had a consistent performance all this while with an accumulation of race wins resulting in championship triumphs. But, Vettel did not have it so easy.

After leaving Ferrari, the German found home in Aston Martin, where he is still getting a hang of the tricky car.

Will Vettel be able to bring back his old rivalry with Hamilton driving for Aston Martin? Let us know in the comments below!

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