“It troubles Vettel, you can see it in interviews”: Seb has 3-race deadline to resurrect career

If we do not consider the rookies, out of the five drivers who arrived at new teams this season, Sebastian Vettel has been struggling the most.

Out of all of them, he is the only one who has not yet scored a world championship point so far in 2021. His best finish was 13th in the last two races out of the total four.

Sebastian Vettel. Source: gpblog.com

Three out of four times, he ended up finishing behind teammate Lance Stroll, who has managed to score five points till now.

While the Canadian has experience with the Silverstone-based outfit, Vettel has been in Formula 1 since 2007 which should give him an advantage over his teammate.

What does Ralf Schumacher think?

Currently, it seems that Vettel is still on the path of decline that he experienced with Ferrari.

However, Schumacher seems to think that the upcoming races in Monaco, Azerbaijan, and France will reveal if the German has what it takes to continue.

Ralf Schumacher. Source: motorsport.com

“Sebastian Vettel’s task in the coming races will be to dominate his team-mate,” Schumacher told Sky Germany. “As a four-time world champion, he has to.

“If he is not clearly better there and does not bring the team forward, then at some point you have to ask yourself whether all of this still makes sense.

“But we are not there yet. We should give him two or three more races, but then the problem of getting used to the Aston Martin should slowly be over.”

‘Vettel irritated as Stroll outperforms him’

Schumacher also seems to think that Vettel might not be in the best mood considering his younger and much less experienced teammate is outperforming him.

“I know that as a Formula 1 driver, you question yourself in every practice session and after every race when you are behind your teammate,” said the 45-year-old former Williams, Jordan, and Toyota driver.

“You always ask yourself questions like ‘how can it be that he is faster, how come he can brake 10 metres later?’

“That gnaws at Sebastian Vettel, and we also notice that in certain statements in interviews.”

Monaco GP can turn the tables

“You can make a difference as a driver on this circuit,” said the brother of Michael Schumacher.

“However, it’s a fine line because you have to risk more in a less than ideal car.

Aston Martin car. Source: wikipedia.org

“Lance Stroll is at home for longer in the car, which is a disadvantage for Vettel, especially in Monaco where you have to feel extremely comfortable in the car in order to be able to fully develop.

“But maybe they will put everything they can on a car that’s not so efficient and maybe some help will come from mistakes by the opposition.”

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