“It was almost as if he expected to win”: Sonnen showers praise on Jiri Prochazka

Jiri Prochazka seems to have grabbed the attention of former 3-time UFC title challenger, Chael Sonnen. Denisa’s hard-hitting elbow knockout of his top contender Dominick Reyes marked the second finish of the fighter in the promotion.

He had earlier knocked out Volkan Oezdemir in his debut in a glorious manner.

“Ariel, this guy Prochazka is a big problem, and that’s a word that I’m stealing from the legendary trainer Clayton Hayes, but Clayton sent me a text after this match. In fact, about a minute before they’ve even concluded. This guy’s a problem,” said Sonnen.

“Are you watching them? Are you seeing the link that you see in the range? Are you seeing all his shots are powerful? He wants to hurt everything Ariel.

“He wants to punch you in the mouth and hope your leg breaks. Everything’s got bad intentions behind it.

“I thought his interview told us a lot. And I don’t mean in the words. I mean in the demeanour, the fact that he wasn’t huffing and puffing, the fact that he didn’t have a big adrenaline dump. It was almost as though he expected to have victory,” Sonnen added.

Talking about the Prochazka’s recent fight with Reyes, Sonnen commented, “I would like to add this: I think the Dominick Reyes is as good as Dominick Reyes has ever been.

“I think Dominick Reyes is fighting the hardest guys in the world on any given night and you’re gonna have a couple that go against you.

“But I would like to mention that as a way of serving Prochazka the set up to these techniques to set up what he was doing to do that on somebody as big and long as Reyes. If you can get to Reyes’s his chin, you can get to anybody’s chin,” he further added. 

‘Denisa’ is expected to fight for the belt next after the light-heavyweight title fight at UFC 266. Despite many challenges coming towards him from different fighters, it remains to be seen which one he takes up.

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