Verstappen reveals his success formula and how he knew talent alone would not be enough

Max Verstappen entered the Formula 1 world at a very early age. In fact, back in 2015 Red Bull faced a lot of criticism after it introduced Verstappen who was the youngest driver in F1 history.

Verstappen proved everyone wrong and his critics turned into supporters after witnessing his spectacular performance.

In a recent interview, Verstappen was asked about his much found success to which he gave a heartfelt reply.

“Talent is when you can do things easily from the start. I think talent is 70 percent of success, but you still have to work hard for the rest,” says the Dutchman.

“In karting, it was mainly about understanding the tyres and the engine. My father was my teacher. You learn fast and try to improve yourself.

“That is also the case in Formula 1. You are always looking for opportunities to get better, to get the most out of yourself. I am very good at getting the most out of myself.”

Being the youngest at a sport where experience is key can be really crippling. But Verstappen has proved everyone otherwise.

Verstappen is 23 years old and has the most chance to become a world champion.

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