“It went haywire from there”: Hamilton says team think-tank should be blamed after ignoring his advice

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton had his worst race in a while at the Monaco Grand Prix after he managed to score only a meager 6 points. This was due to his seventh-place finish on the street circuit.

The Brit, however, refused to take the blame for this incident. On the other hand, he said that the responsibility for this incident should be taken by his team’s think-tank.

Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes. Source : skysports.com

Mercedes will be looking forward to a race review following the Monaco weekend.

What did Hamilton say?

“I don’t really have a reaction to it. I think we’ll do our discussions in the background and we’ll work together to try and come out of this stronger,” Hamilton told Sky Sports.

“We underperformed as a team this weekend from the get-go. So we’ll just put our focus on to the next race. Congratulations to Max and his team.” 


Hamilton has highlighted the requirement for holding ‘tough discussions’ with his team in his post-race interview.

While his teammate, Valtteri Bottas was able to qualify at a comfortable spot, Hamilton managed to score the seventh position.

As a result, the problems lay on his side of the garage.

‘Hamilton was overruled by team’

Team boss Toto Wolff revealed that Hamilton wanted to go a particular direction with the car setup. However, he was overruled by his team and things went haywire from there.

Hamilton also expects Baku, another street circuit to yield the same results as Monaco considering it is ‘another Red Bull track’.

“It is another Red Bull track. So, it would be hard to beat them again there but we’ll try our best,” he said.

“I can’t see it being hugely dissimilar to here. Except that you have got the longer straights where usually Ferrari is a little bit down; it will be interesting.”

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