“It will happen again”: Raikkonen reckons Hamilton will face defeat soon

Lewis Hamilton has been seen as the face of Formula 1 for the past few years, at least to those with only a fleeting interest in the sport.

Even with a strong fight from Max Verstappen, one may think that it is still highly likely that he will be able to retain his title.

However, according to Kimi Raikkonen, Hamilton can be beaten.

The Finnish driver is qualified enough to hold that opinion considering he defeated Hamilton in 2007 and claimed his maiden F1 world title. Even during the 2018 US GP, he managed to overtake the Brit in his Ferrari and claimed victory after fending him off.

“Hamilton has been beaten before and I’m sure it will happen again,” Raikkonen told Marçà in an exclusive interview.

“I’m sure that if you do everything well, you’ll get your chance because everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes you get away with it, other times not.

“All cars are more reliable now than in previous years. You have to do the best you can with the car you have and sometimes you need a bit of luck.

“As long as you stay in the fight, during a race, anything can happen,” he concluded.

Last year in September, Raikkonen took to Instagram and made a mockery of Hamilton. In his story, he showed the Brit in a not-so-pleasing manner.

This incident led to a lot of criticism against Raikkonen. The Alfa Romeo driver, however, defended himself by claiming that ‘nowadays people get upset about everything.’

While it is true that no one can reign forever, one can only hope that Kimi’s recent take on Hamilton is not perceived badly by fans.

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