“It would have been a catastrophe”: Analyst on Hamilton, Verstappen incident that went unnoticed

Damon Hill seems to enjoy a good fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Hamilton won in Bahrain while three weeks later, Verstappen took the victory in Imola.

According to the 60-year-old, both Hamilton and Verstappen are in cut-throat competition.

“It’s so close between the Red Bull with Verstappen and Hamilton in the Mercedes,” said Hill.

The 1996 world champion seems to think that there is only a ‘wafer-thin paper’ between both the drivers. After two Grand Prix races, there is only a difference of a point between the two men.

The F1 analyst deciphered the start of the race where Verstappen jumps from the third place to the first.

“It was a very bold move down the hill [on Hamilton] at the start of the race. All you have to do is touch a bit of grass and it would have been a catastrophe. He (Max) forcefully held his line, and I think Lewis made a bit of a mistake holding on to his position.

“Hamilton decided to go through the outside and did not go for the attack in fear of causing a touché. For Max, it was good thinking to aggressively dive into the inside.

“He squeezed him (Lewis) onto the rumble strips and of course he damaged the front wing end plate,” Hill concluded.

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