After Nico Rosberg announced his retirement from Formula 1, the entire world was in shock. The 2016 World Champion called it quits after winning his title. He is, in many ways, the sort of driver we have been craving for ever since his exit.

After his departure, there were several rumours surrounding him and he recently has debunked the most prominent one.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton were a strong pairing at Mercedes. However, they had fierce and ultimately unhealthy rivalry which led them to fight each other for points and wins.

Toto Wolff tried to convince him to stay

Nico Rosberg. Source:

Just before his retirement, the paddock was already buzzing with rumours of him wanting to quit the outfit. As a result, his resignation was not much of a shock for Wolff.

In an interview with, Rosberg said that rumours of Wolff being unhappy were “never true”.

He also added that the team wanted him to stick around as the two drivers were pushing each other to give a better performance.

The outfit wanted Rosberg to stay so bad that even Niki Lauda tried to convince him.

Rosberg said, “Especially Niki. Sure, it would have been easier if I kept driving.”

Rosberg: Verstappen is only now understanding Hamilton

Even with their relationship turning bitter, Rosberg does not deny how good a driver Hamilton is.

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

With Max Verstappen now the primary rival of Hamilton, the German claims that the Dutchman is only now getting an idea of the Brit’s skills.

Talking about the Portuguese Grand Prix, Nico said, “What a phenomenal race by Lewis. I’m a bit amused because Max Verstappen is starting to understand better and better how good Lewis Hamilton is.

“He needs to do everything perfect to beat him in the World Championship but at the moment it is 2-1 for Lewis,” Rosberg concluded.

Verstappen, of course, was in no mood for tips from Rosberg.

Verstappen now has another chance to beat Hamilton in Monaco. Hamilton is currently leading the championship and Verstappen hopes to earn some crucial points in the upcoming race.

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  1. I think Hamilton and Verstappen should swap cars for three races – then we’ll see who’s best – me thinks Hamilton will come second as it’s his Mercedes that’s the winning formula – the red bulls are just not quick enough – and obviously driving skills but I think until Verstappen gets in a Mercedes he’ll never beat Hamilton

  2. Its strange though, dont you think, that the harder Hamilton tries the more succesful he becomes. The first people he congratulates and thanks is the TEAM. he appreciates that it is through their hard work that he competes at the level he does. But no one can deny he is an excellent driver and understands the car and its abilities and wrings everything that is available to him, out of the car

  3. When Nico was with Mercedes their were team orders but they were hidden Nico in his last 2 years got frustrated and thought I’m not getting anywhere, I want to be a world champion and gave it all.
    Bottas on the other hand is not paid to be a world champion is not capable of being one was told that he was to finish behind Hamilton on the podium. The only top team not to have a favoured driver was McLaren and they lifted the sport where as Mercedes is just in it for the glory of one driver the same as Ferrari and red bull


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