“It’s like we don’t care”: Vettel disappointed with lack of support for the environment

Sebastian Vettel is a four-time Formula 1 champion and in that context, it is rather strange just how little we know about the German.

Vettel seldom attracts public attention and is usually rather reserved. however, when he does speak, people tend to take notice.

Formula 1 as a sport is not always appreciated by environmentalists. The high amounts of fuel, loud noises from the cars are both factors that draw criticism from some sections of society.

Sebastian Vettel has previously spoken about FIA’s call to go carbon neutral by 2030 and how he is completely behind that movement.

While Vettel himself claims to be considerate about the environment, he believes the general public doesn’t care much.

“I find it interesting and in the end, it goes back to education. It goes back to where we, not necessarily brought up, but taught, in a way, the right things.

We get taught so much if you look at school and kids. Most of that is we forget it anyways.

“I don’t want to sound too pessimistic, but I don’t think that we are treating things with the proper respect that they deserve.

“Whether it is an animal, which is obvious because it’s moving or because it’s alive and you have a connection, but with other things as well,” he said.

Vettel went on to say that he feels annoyed when people conveniently just eat anything. He feels it is very important to be careful about exactly what one is consuming.

“And now bridging to farming, we should be aware of the fact that this is the stuff that we actually fuel ourselves with.

“I don’t think there’s anybody that sort of wants to throw that away. But yet with our habits sometimes and with what we consume, it’s as if we don’t care.”

In a sense, if Vettel feels so strongly about this, F1 should look in his direction as it aims to attract new audiences with sustainability.

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