“I’ve done more in boxing than you have your whole life”: Jake Paul slams Dana White

Internet personality and Youtube star Jake Paul was recently criticised by the UFC president Dana White over his boxing career, or rather lack of success in it.

To this, Paul responded by comparing his relatively short career to the president’s overall achievements.

The ‘Problem Child’ took to his Twitter handle and tweeted, “Dana White pays his ring girls more than his fighters”.

In another tweet he wrote, “Dear Dana, In my 15 minutes of fame I’ve done more in boxing than you have your whole life. Dana White Boxing Career: – You were a boxercise instructor – Your boxing reality show got cancelled after one episode – Zuffa Boxing died before it even started”

In his first tweet, the boxer charged the UFC president for paying hefty checks to his ring girls. This allegation came after Fabia recently accused White of having inappropriate relations with the female fighters.

In the second tweet, Jake also claimed that he has achieved more in his 15 minutes of fame than White has till date.

‘The Problem Child’ also went on to mention Zuffa Boxing- White’s boxing venture. He stated that the venture died even before it even took off.

White recently praised Paul’s ability to hype up his fights and make money as a result of it.

White said, “Listen, at the end of the day, to be honest, I hate the d****s who pop in here and say, ‘Hey, pay Jake Paul’. I hate them worse than I hate Jake Paul…The kid’s making money, man. He makes people care. He makes people give a sh**.

“So, I honestly don’t hate the kid. You know, I know there’s a lot of people that are very excited for the day when he gets clipped and gets knocked out…It is coming. His 15 minutes are almost up, but listen, the kid’s going to make some money. Good for him.”

White has clearly said that UFC does not having any interest in working with Paul.

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