“I’ve fought stronger men before”: Jose Augusto believes he has special trait to trump Anthony Johnson

While the crowd was going gaga over Anthony Johnson vs. Yoel Romero, new information was received that said Jose Augusto will replace Romero due to medical issues. This fight is scheduled to take place in less than a week’s time at Bellator 258.

Jose Augusto feels “extremely grateful” to have such an opportunity. 

In an interview, Augusto said, “I’m looking at this fight just like any other, I think he’s stronger than me but I’ve fought stronger men before and I can do well in the fight.

“I’m more technical and faster than him, and I’m confident in the work I’ve been doing. Getting anxious or doubting myself means I don’t believe my team, and I believe them. I’ll do everything I can to get my hands raised in the end.

“I think he will try to come in and do what he always does, to go for the finish, and I’m expecting that just so I can do the same thing and land my strikes,” Augusto said.

“I expect him to feel [my strikes]. He hasn’t fought in a long time and I’ve been fighting often, and I expect to take advantage of that rhythm.”

“In my opinion, he has the most dangerous first round of this division. I think he will continue to come out strong like that and fans won’t even notice any difference from his time away, but, like I said, I believe I’m faster and more versatile and I will dominate the distance, score points and slowly hurt him.”

“I see two difference scenarios when I meditate. First, he comes in with everything he’s got and I counter and he goes down. The other one, I submit him. I believe in my hand and my jiu-jitsu. Squeeze his neck, choke him out, attack his foot or something like that,” he further added.

To win this match would be like a fairytale story for an unknown Brazilian, as  it would advance him in the Bellator Light Heavyweight World Grand Prix .

“I have the tools to win this fight and the hunger to impose my game on him. Saying this is a bit complicated but I believe I’m hungrier than him. Being here is my dream, and I don’t know if it’s his dream. He has conquered so many things already, but I think I want this win more than him.”

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