Jacques Villeneuve calls Baku tyre mishap embarrassing – “Tyres should not explode like that”

Jacques Villeneuve did not hesitate to use strong words to describe the tyre failure that took place at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

He called the entire situation embarrassing.

In the coming days, Pirelli is expected to reveal their learnings after both Max Verstappen and Lance Stroll crashed out.

Both drivers were running the hard C3 compound and both of them had a failure in the rear left tyre.

What did Villeneuve say?

Verstappen crashes out after tyre failure; Source: thesportsrush.com

“Tyres should not explode like that,” Villeneuve told RaceFans.net.

“They did not even have that many laps. It’s embarrassing.

“And too bad – Stroll was having a good race and Max had it under control.”

No warning sign before tyre blowout

Verstappen was in the lead and with just six laps to go, his tyre gave away ending his race. Stroll faced a similar situation earlier in the race.

What is surprising is that both cars had only completed around 30 laps with the tyres.

One worrying sign that could prove dangerous is that there were no warning indicators before the explosion.

Bad luck for Max

“Max was just doing best lap after best lap and he had a big lead so he didn’t need to drive so fast,” Villeneuve added.

“But I’m not sure what else he could have done because he wasn’t sliding around, there was nothing major.

“So bad luck there,” he concluded.

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