Jenson Button weighs in on Extreme E fear factor – “Definitely a little bit scarier than F1”

Former F1 driver Jenson Button has weighed in on Extreme E, saying it is a little bit scarier than F1.

After many years in F1, Button took on a new challenge in 2021 called Extreme E. Extreme E is a new electric racing series. Teams consist of one male and one female driver. Button joined with his own team, dubbed JBXE, and also drove for them. He competed in the first X-Prix, but then relinquished his seat to Rallycross driver Kevin Hansen.

Extreme E confirms Jenson Button as team owner and driver - News - Extreme E  - The Electric Odyssey
Jenson Button (pictured) and the reveal of his Extreme E team. Source:

In Extreme E, the drivers must race their electric rally raid car through incredibly rough and rugged terrain. The championship’s first race is held in the hot deserts of Saudi Arabia, while the last one ends at the southernmost tip of Argentina.

Button has chimed in with his opinion on Extreme E, saying he is extremely terrified to race the car. In an interview with press agency Reuters, Button explained his thoughts behind the wheel.

“I’m definitely on the back foot but for me it’s all about learning,” he said.

“I want to do stuff that is challenging. However scary it is, I still want to race the car.”

Button went on to compare the differences between an F1 car and an Extreme E car.

“In an F1 car you kind of know the limits. With this thing, it can throw you through a bush,” he explained. “It might be okay, but there might be a giant boulder on the other side. It’s definitely a little bit scarier than F1.” 

Crossover appeal

Button also thinks the ferocious and exciting nature of Extreme E will appeal to a lot of manufacturers.

He urged constructors to invest resources into the upcoming sport, and assured them of returns. He reckons the championship will be of interest to both manufacturers and fans.

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