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Jeremy Clarkson has attacked Lewis Hamilton again in his column for the Sun.

Clarkson hit out at the seven-time world champion for making comments and complaints about Fernando Alonso at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The former Top Gear host chided Hamilton for his actions, and called him out on his column in the Sun.

In his column, Clarkson wrote, “Lewis Hamilton needs a smacked bottom.

Jeremy Clarkson criticises Covid scientists, saying 'if you die, you die' | Jeremy  Clarkson | The Guardian
Jeremy Clarkson (pictured) has slammed Lewis Hamilton on his column. Source:

“He spent most of last week’s thrilling race on the radio, claiming the chap in front of him, Fernando Alonso, was cheating. Which he wasn’t.”

Clarkson also attacked Hamilton for his celebrations on the podium, which looked a little off. He looked fatigued and out of it on the podium, and had to be taken to the doctor later. However, Clarkson suggested that was a ruse.

“And then when Lewis finishes in third place, he flopped about on the podium claiming he has ‘long COVID,’” Clarkson said.

“Which seems to me to be another way of saying ‘Please ignore Esteban Ocon, the rookie who just beat me. I’m the real hero and don’t you forget that.’

“Well I’m sorry Lewis, but if you behave like that, you aren’t. Oh, and pay your taxes,” he concluded.

Called and uncalled for

Clarkson’s comments are two-fronted. The first about Hamilton’s complaints about Alonso have been echoed by a lot of fans. Alonso staunchly and expertly held off the Mercedes driver for a lot of laps. Even though Hamilton passed him, the time he spent behind the Spaniard meant he had helped his teammate Ocon win his first race in F1.

But what he said about the act citing long COVID seems to be harsh, considering Hamilton did not look well at all after the race. His celebrations on the podium were reserved, and he was diagnosed with excessive fatigue later.

Clarkson isn’t the biggest Lewis Hamilton fan, and he must not be very happy to see Hamilton at the top of the F1 WDC standings. At the end of the season, he will hope it doesn’t stay that way.

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  1. If Clarkson was a racing driver maybe he’d have some clout, just another big mouth jumping on the bandwagon . Can’t even manage his own farm properly.

  2. Clarkson is a prat thats why they got rid of him on top gear he dosent no what he is talking about and as my parents brought us up correctly if you can’t say something nice about people then keep quiet so Clarkson keep quiet no one is interested what you have to say your career is well and truly over

  3. If Hamilton has long Covid and was diagnosed with excessive, then he is not fit to drive a F1 car. He is then a danger to other drivers.

  4. I knew I liked Jeremy Clarkson! I realised Hamilton was a wanker when he took Justin Bieber to the presentation at Monaco in 2016 and carried on like a tool when he only won because Ricciardo’s pit failed to have his tyres ready. You can actually be an outstanding driver – perhaps the best ever F1 driver – and be a complete wanker too.

  5. Clarkson is a fucking arsehole on the best of days. Who is he to judge Hamilton’s medical state at the end of the race. I don’t see a Dr in front of his name.
    Haters will be haters but he has 7 world titles and he will get the 8th to beat Schumacher, most of who’s fans are his critics. They can’t handle someone being better than Schumacher.

  6. Well said Jeremy. As Albon said “ sore looser” a bit dangerous for Alonso to drive that fast and drive that way but when he crushed Max at huge speed it was not tooo fast/dangerous.
    Joke mate. Don’t act like you and only you.

  7. We all know what Clarkson’s problem with Lewis is, and it’s not just the fact that Lewis could buy him a hundred times over.

  8. Jeremy Clarkson is the typical Grumpy Old Man. Has to have a negative remark about virtually everything. Smell the roses for a change, Jeremy

  9. No matter what L. H. does, or how many world championships he wins, there will always be people who criticise him. He has accomplished more than any other driver in the history of F 1
    They will always find a criticism to level. Its the way we are , as a nation, its what we do. He needs to be white.

  10. The definition of ‘attacked’ seems to be quite broad nowadays? This is hardly a ‘scathing attack’ – Clarkson gave his views on Lewis’ comments and antics, the end.

  11. Yes i agree.
    Hamilton is way overrated and just a very lucky, privileged man to get given the best tools his whole F1 career. What gets my back up is when he cries about the tyres going off then does the fastest lap of the race just before he pits for new ones, It just shows the advantage the mercs have over the rest of the field.

  12. Hamiltons a prick , always has been always will be , George Russell showed it’s the car not the driver , even Clarkson could win in that car , “man” lol ??

  13. Joyce Osborne You say your parents bought you up to say nice things about people.Yet in the same sentence you call Jeremy Clarkson a Prat,just listen to yourself???????


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