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Automotive presenter Jeremy Clarkson took a Twitter dig at Lewis Hamilton during the events of the Hungarian GP restart.

The Hungarian GP was nothing short of a mess, with collisions and crashes coming hard and fast, and a surprise winner at the end. Four drivers retired in the opening lap itself. Unsurprisingly, the race was red-flagged.

Minutes before the restart, every driver on the grid pitted, except the reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton. The Brit hoped that his head-start would be enough to bank on when he would pit.

So at the restart when the lights went out, it was only Hamilton on the grid. This was discussed by many, and it was a general source of light fun. When this was happening, Clarkson joined the party.

Clarkson took to Twitter to give his thoughts on the situation. He tweeted, “Ah. Clever. Only Hamilton on the track. That way he can’t hit anybody.”

Clarkson was obviously speaking about the British GP, where Hamilton and title rival Max Verstappen collided. The statement was a direct reference to many people blaming Hamilton for the incident. There was crashes galore in Budapest, and at the heart of it was Valtteri Bottas.

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The other Mercedes driver might just become the next target of Clarkson’s Twitter games. His crash into the back of Lando Norris’ car set off a chain reaction of collisions and spins that saw many drivers retire. Among them was Sergio Perez, the other Red Bull, meaning it was a shambolic day for the Milton Keynes outfit.

Clarkson was at least half right, because Hamilton didn’t collide with anyone. In fact, after his failed strategy, he battled back to secure P3. He treated the fans to some very interesting encounters, including a stretched-out legendary duel with Fernando Alonso.

The Hungarian GP wasn’t a race for the usual suspects, but Hamilton made the most of the situation. As it stands, he is P1 in the WDC race, and will look to hold on with title rival Verstappen right behind him.

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  1. Herman munster clarkson who does he think he is defending mad max who if you watch him closely he is a very dangerous driver he will not give way and one day will cause a crash that will involve a possable fatal accident

  2. Clarkson you have no talent yet earn bigmonies by slagging those that do .you have made a mockery of that is serious and hard earned in motorsport by becoming the Kardshian.of the motoring world

  3. Clarkson trying to regain relevance. Mercedes gambled and lost. Bottas made a mistake and is human. With the pressure of likely losing his seat, he was trying too hard. His accident denied Lewis Hamilton the win so big deal.

  4. Lewis finshing on the wrong tyres at the restart was all his own mistake despite the utterly biased UK press. From the start of the parade lap till after the red lights go out at the stsrt communication from the pits to the driver is FORBIDDEN.Therefore, the appearance of the Tommy Hilfiger pyjama model on his own at the restart was all down to him and, boy, was the whingeing after that sometnhg to behold.

    • Teams can communicate freely with the drivers on RESTART formation laps (but not on start formation laps unless it safety related). The team told him to stay out though he thought it was the wrong decision. As it was, Lewis was correct.

  5. Well done Mr Clarkson .Hamilton as long covid anyone else think he should not be diving at 200mph ???(dizziness, short of breath, tiredness)just saying could be dangerous .


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