Jolyon Palmer hammers Valtteri Bottas’ driving – “Was just a midfielder all weekend”

Ex-F1 driver and BBC pundit Jolyon Palmer has come out harshly against Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas‘ performance throughout the weekend in Baku.

This comes after Bottas was unable to finish within points due to his “really poor” wheel-to-wheel driving skills according to Palmer.

The Finn had qualified at P10 but was unable to extract power from his car which his teammate Lewis Hamilton was able to do.

Palmer goes on to add that Bottas was stuck in the midfield due to his lack of skills to move ahead within the grid.

What did Palmer say?

Valtteri Bottas. Source:

“He was stuck behind Lando Norris, but on the same strategy, same power unit, in a car that Hamilton was certainly a lot quicker than the McLaren in,” Palmer mentioned on F1’s ‘Chequered Flag’ podcast.

“Bottas in wheel-to-wheel, every single time you see it, he is really poor at wheel-to-wheel fighting.

“You put him in the midfield with a bunch of cars around him, he will not go forwards. At best he will hold position, probably he will go backwards.”

Bottas has a lack of aggression

Palmer went all the way to criticize the Finn for the lack of aggression in his driving style. He adds that there has never been a memorable overtake by Bottas.

“Can you remember a good overtake of Bottas’? You struggle to think of overtakes that Bottas does. He is in the midfield and he stays in the midfield.

Bottas after the race in Baku. Source:

“Or, he just gets shuffled down. The restart that he had was a little bit like the start he had in Monza last year, where he started at the front and at every corner just got shuffled down.

“In the end, he beat Mick Schumacher, Nikita Mazepin, Hamilton who did a U-turn in the run-off area, and Latifi who had a stop/go penalty.”

Hamilton is able to perform with the same car

The former Renault driver also compared Bottas with Hamilton and mentioned that Hamilton is able to do all those things with the same car that the Finn is unable to get his head around.

Jolyon Palmer. Source:

“Bottas was just a midfielder all weekend,” added Palmer.

“Hamilton turned it on, and to be fair to him when you compare his weekend with Bottas’, he was absolutely magical throughout the weekend.

“If you are comparing teammates, Hamilton was looking like Lewis Hamilton, and Bottas was struggling to make Q3 in the same car.

“So you have to say that it was a brilliant weekend of driving from Lewis until he made the mistake at the end,” he concluded.

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