Jos explains Verstappen and Hamilton’s shoulder push during post-qualifying interview in Imola

Hamilton managed to score a win in Bahrain after crossing the finish 0.7 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen. In Imola, he managed a pole position finish in qualifying, with Verstappen behind in third.

After the young Dutchman’s post-qualifying interview, Hamilton soon took the mic. The two title contenders walked towards each other, but neither of them gave way. This led them to bump shoulders, with Hamilton turning back to get a good look at the Red Bull driver.

One can always try and decipher every small action that happens when drivers interact with each other. Max’s father Jos seems to think that this action was their way to express that they will not be pushed around by the other.

“You don’t know how it will go, but if I look at the shoulder bump they gave each other after qualifying at Imola, I think we can expect something this year,” the former F1 driver told Ziggo Sport’s Jack van Gelder.

“They are obviously two men who do not want to be beaten by the other.

“Neither of them will let the other push them aside, especially if it will be more and more about the championship.

“I think it’s going to be a tough and beautiful year.”

Both Hamilton and Verstappen have won a race each and got a second-place result. They are also separated by just a point in the drivers’ standings, with Hamilton in the lead.

Surprisingly, both Red Bull and Mercedes are calling out each other as the favourites.

Jos feels that the battle will play out between the two teams.

“Toto Wolff keeps shouting that Red Bull is the best team, while Christian Horner says Mercedes is the favourite,” the 49-year-old added.

“In the end, we are better on one circuit and Mercedes is better on the other.

“The fact that we can theoretically win every race is what matters, but it also brings more pressure.”

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