Jos Verstappen provides update on Max’s health; slams Hamilton’s ‘ridiculous’ driving

The British Grand Prix ended on an anti-climactic note for Red Bull driver Max Verstappen after he got his second DNF of the season.

Verstappen’s race ended in the very first lap following a massive accident with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton.

The Dutchman slammed into the barriers at almost 200 mph and 51G. However, from the looks of it, he did not suffer any injuries.

After the crash, he took almost a minute to find his balance on his feet which seemed concerning. As a precaution, he was taken to the hospital.

Update on Verstappen’s health

According to Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, the Red Bull driver will be undergoing a CT Scan considering he was feeling light-headed.

“It does look good. That was a big blow, of course. He felt a little light-headed. He is now going to the hospital for a CT scan. But he was good at it. Little pain in his shoulder, little blue all over. So yeah, sh*t,” said the former driver.

Jos also blasted out on Hamilton for being responsible for such a “ridiculous” collision on a high-speed corner.

“I looked back with Max to see what it looks like. Max also says, ‘I gave him enough space in my view. I’m half for it’,” Jos said.

“And he also says ‘he drives me against the rear wheels with his front wheel’. Then you know you’re wrong. If you then get a ten-second penalty. I think it’s ridiculous. Certainly, in such a bend, that is not possible.”

Looking back at the crash

Right from the lights-out, Hamilton and Verstappen were locked in a head-to-head battle with Red Bull taking the lead.

Hamilton, however, was getting better exits from each corner.

At turn 8, Hamilton was alongside the Dutchman which is when he called a bluff and switched to the inside of the Dutchman.

However, due to the tight corner, the Brit had to back out and ended up tapping Verstappen’s right-rear tire which broke the suspension on his car.

Verstappen is safe

Following the tap, Verstappen found himself inside the barriers after a massive 51G impact. His Red Bull did not survive the crash and was left out in a sorry state.

Despite this, Verstappen is safe, much to the relief of his fans.

Even after losing 25 points to Hamilton, the Red Bull driver is still in the lead in the driver’s standings.

With the next race in Hungary, we can expect that Verstappen will try and increase the gap further.

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