Juan Montoya warns Verstappen on his championship bid – “Lewis is not hitchhiking for you!”

Former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya has sent a wanting to Max Verstappen regarding his championship bid.

Verstappen led the standings of the WDC, until the Hungarian GP. There, title rival Lewis Hamilton took the lead after Verstappen’s poor form in two races. As such, Montoya believes that if Verstappen has to win his first title, he will have to be a lot smarter.

As reported by motorsport.nl, Montoya backed Verstappen to clinch his maiden title. However, he sent a warning to him regarding his championship bid.

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Juan Montoya (pictured) has advised Verstappen on what to do if he wants to win his first title. Source: f1-fansite.com

“I think Max Verstappen has done a very good job so far,” Montoya said.

“The hardest thing for him this year is that he is in a new situation. He’s always been the hunter, not the one everyone else is hunting. It’s great for him that he’s in this situation right now, but if you’re the one being hunted, you need to start approaching things a little differently. 

“For example, drivers who in the past were not so aggressive in a mutual duel, can now suddenly be very aggressive. We have seen that with Hamilton. Hopefully, Max can win the championship this year.”

Hard way or smart way

Montoya is referring to the British GP. There, Hamilton and Verstappen collided, and the Dutchman drew the shorter end of the stick. He had to retire, and Hamilton ended up winning the race. Montoya argues that Verstappen, instead of charging aggressively, could have let him pass.

“At Silverstone, he had a car that was a lot faster than the Mercedes. He could have let Lewis pass and gotten him back on strategy,” Montoya said.

“But the Max we know does not go off his gas. I would have done the same thing when I was younger. I wouldn’t have gone off my gas either. But with the knowledge and experience I have now, I would, when I know I’m in the faster car. 

“However, Max was used to a situation where he was on the attacking side and others hitchhiking for him. But now he has found out the hard way that Lewis is no longer hitchhiking for him.” Montoya concluded.

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