“Vettel has made some mistakes”: Mentor of German driver explains why top form is 5 races away

After a draining final season with Ferrari, Vettel joined Aston Martin for 2021 to try and rediscover the form that saw him win four world championships.

But, his career at Aston Martin didn’t start off according to plan, especially after reliability issues in the AMR21 plagued the team for the entirety of pre-season testing.

He also suffered Q1 elimination at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix where he failed to score points even after shunting Esteban Ocon.

Marko feels that Vettel should have taken a break from F1 but the German didn’t take that route.

Like Mercedes, Aston Martin also feels that their low-rake concept is not very compatible with the new regulations.

Marko believes in order for Aston Martin to pick up good results, they have to adapt to these new changes.

He also admits that Vettel has made mistakes and needs at least “five” races before he can bring out his true form.

“Sebastian hasn’t been able to make many metres in the Aston Martin car, but he’s also made some mistakes,” Marko told RTL.

“We saw the difficulties Mercedes had in the test with the troubled car. Aston Martin and Mercedes have some similarities in terms of philosophy.

“What we saw from Aston Martin in Bahrain was that the car was of the same level as during the test. It immediately shows how strong Mercedes are, because they already managed to solve some difficulties prior to the first race.

“A large team is able to respond immediately. I assume that with some time, a race or three or five, hopefully Vettel will also flourish at Aston Martin.”

Along with Vettel, the other German driver in the 2021 grid is Mick Schumacher. Marko feels that Schumacher has to make his rookie campaign as beneficial as possible with the help of teammate Nikita Mazepin.

“Mick has to try not to lose his motivation. First, he has to get the most out of his car and beat Nikita Mazepin, his teammate,” said Marko.

“We have yet to see how big the distance is to Williams. How strong is Haas? Are Williams and Haas of the same level, are they close or are they behind the midfield?

“There are plenty of indications for Mick that this season, at least for himself, he can ensure that this season has the greatest possible benefit for him.”

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