Since his debut in the NBA in 201, Kawhi Leonard has gone from strength to strength. The Los Angeles Clippers superstar earns a ton of money for his endeavours on and off the basketball court.

As a result, Leonard’s net worth is staggering. It is a decade worth of work, and every penny in the amount has come through his perseverance.

The two-time NBA Champion and Finals MVP has also been a star outside the court, where his deals with various companies has only helped add to his net worth.

Kawhi Leonard Net Worth 2021

Kawhi Leonard early life and career

Leonard was born to Mark Leonard and Kim Robertson. He is the youngest of five children, and has four elder sisters. His father was shot dead in 2008. The son insisted on playing basketball the next evening itself.

After the match, he broke down in tears, and was supported by everyone watching. As of 2021, his father’s murderer has still not been found. listed Leonard as a four-star recruit. That set in him on course for stardom. Within no time, he was ranked as the No. 8 small forward in the 2009 recruiting rankings. He was also listed as the 48th best player in the entire country.

San Diego paid tribute to him by retiring his number 15 jersey. This meant that he was the first basketball player from the Aztecs to receive this honour.

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The critical injury

Leonard tore the ACL in his right knee, and was immediately sidelined due to the severity of the injury. He is expected to make a return somewhere during the 2021-22 season, but it is still very much a question mark.

During the fourth game of the 2021 Western Conference semi-finals, Leonard drove through towards the basket against the Jazz. He tweaked his right knee with five-and-a-half minutes left on the clock, and sat out the last four minutes of the match.

Even though Leonard said that he would be fine, he didn’t play after the injury. The Clippers’ stellar playoff run came to a close after losing their best player. In July, the Clippers announced on social media that Leonard underwent surgery to repair his ACL. The surgery was successful, and he resumed training later.

There is, however, no set date for his widely anticipated return.

Kawhi Leonard leaves game with facial injury |

Kawhi Leonard net worth

According to the reliable Celebrity Net Worth, Kawhi Leonard’s net worth is estimated to be around $70 million. That is a very impressive figure, and is estimated to shoot up in the future, given his age and performances.

When Leonard joined the NBA ten years ago, he signed the usual four-year contract for rookies. He signed this with the San Antonio Spurs, who paid him around $8 million.

After the 2014-15 season, he decided to sign a bumper deal with the team worth $94.3 million, a huge hike from his previous deal. In 2019, he won a championship with the Toronto Raptors. After this, he signed a three-year deal worth $103.1 million, making him a multi-millionaire deal.

In addition to his basketball skills, Leonard is also a great target for endorsement deals. He is a quiet superstar who likes to keep a low profile. As a result, companies do not exactly have him at the top of their priorities. Nevertheless, he has some high-profile endorsements to his name, and those brands have benefitted all the more for it.

Leonard endorses prominent brands like Jordan Brand, New Balance and Wingstop. Jordan Brand was one of his first deals, and he signed with them back in 2011 itself. He had signed a seven-year deal worth around $500,000 a year.

His rising star saw Jordan Brand offer him a four-year deal worth $22 million in 2018, but he turned it down on the grounds of it not exactly doing justice to his accomplishments and star at that point in time.  


Leonard signed a deal with New Balance worth “significantly more” than $5 million per season. This deal meant he was among the top 15 athlete footwear endorsement deal earners in the basketball league. New Balance proved to be the right decision, as both player and company profited immensely from being associated with each other.

Leonard also signed a deal with Wingstop in 2016. This deal netted him coupons for free wings. He also dabbled in some musical ventures. Most recently, the Clippers superstar announced that he would be collaborating with YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Rod Wave.

Opinions for his future net worth

It’s safe to say that in the years to come, barring any monumental collapse, Leonard’s net worth will only increase. In fact, in 2021, he will be able to sign a contract worth a whopping $200 million. That is possible because he will have been with the NBA for 10 years.

That means he can sign a five-year max deal worth an eye-watering 35% of the NBA salary cap. When this happens, he will be one of the highest-paid players in the NBA.

With all this available on the horizon, it’s safe to say that Leonard’s net worth is the financial equivalent of the stonks meme going up. The trajectory is only upwards for the elite player. And if he manages to help the Clippers win a championship, he might be rolling in the money.

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