Kevin Lee doesn’t want to fight Tony Ferguson – “He can’t put up a good fight!”

Kevin Lee doesn’t want to fight Tony Ferguson, stating that he won’t be much of a challenge.

Ferguson once had a winning streak spanning many years. However, his fall from grace has been shocking. The last three fights he took part in have all been one-sided losses for him. The 37-year-old seems to be way past his prime, and isn’t as dangerous as before.

Lee once wanted to fight Ferguson, but it never shaped up. Now, he has the chance to do it, but shrugged off the thought of it. According to him, Ferguson is washed up and won’t be much of a challenge to him.

UFC: Kevin Lee says he may require 'a few years' of self-evaluation after  losing to Charles Oliveira in Brazil | South China Morning Post
Kevin Lee (pictured) doesn’t think Tony Ferguson will be a challenge. Source:

Speaking to James Lynch, Lee said, “That was a fight I was interested in up until I saw him get dismantled by Oliveira. Especially on the ground.

“That one would hurt my heart a bit, because I would beat him so bad that it would take away from our first fight. I would do it; easy money is easy money. But, I think he’s too far gone, too far over the hill. I don’t like beating up on people that don’t put up a good fight,” he said.


Lee was interested in the fight until February. However, now he seems to consider Ferguson a non-challenge. He is currently ready to return to action after his knee surgeries, and will do so as a Welterweight. On August 28, he will fight Daniel Rodriguez, who is a late replacement for original plans.

Lee is the favourite fighter against Rodriguez, and will look to beat him and pick bigger ones. Ferguson, meanwhile, is currently unbooked. A fight versus Lee would have been enticing. Unfortunately, unless Lee changes his mind about Ferguson, it may never happen.

All Ferguson has to do, however, is start winning again. Then he will most certainly earn Lee’s attention.

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