Killer basketball shooting drills that you must know about

Sound basketball shooting skills are the only way for players to win a game on the court. If accuracy is lacking, basketball players are bound to miss their shots and give an advantage to the opponent team. It doesn’t matter how many times the teammates gather and pass the ball, and it wouldn’t make a difference if players cannot make a successful basket.

There are no points for trying in basketball, and the ball needs to be inside the basket. So, in addition to enhancing the physical abilities of the basketball players, you need to ensure they’re augmenting their accuracy and sharpening their shooting skills. It is the only way a team will win a basketball game

If you’ve tried and failed at playing basketball or don’t have time to go down to the courts, you can be a part of the action by playing basketball shooting games online. While the online basketball games don’t focus so much on tackling players, passing the ball, or dribbling the ball toward the nets, they make it challenging to shoot baskets.

The basket keeps moving to make it difficult for players to sink the ball inside the basket successfully. It also means that you cannot place your finger on a particular part of the screen and keep shooting hoops. Therefore, it will not help you. Moreover, there are tournaments that players can participate in and earn cash rewards. 

While playing online basketball shooting games, if you’ve ever wondered how NBA players improve their shooting accuracy, they use a few drills and exercises.

Different types of basketball shooting drills and exercises to improve shooting accuracy 

Individual drills 

Apart from team drills, basketball players indulge in individual drills that allow them to practice solo and focus on bringing forward their A-game. These shooting drills are often tried with chairs used as dummy players. The players must spin the ball away and sprint towards it to shoot it. Furthermore, they can perform several curl and straight cuts, such as wing to top, corner to wing, low post to high post, etc. 

Quick-release shooting drills 

When it comes to practicing basketball and sharpening your skills, the quick-release shooting drill is considered one of the best shooting drills. It helps develop motion, form, speed, and capacity. 

Several different drills and exercises fall under this category. For instance, the partner shooting drill. In this drill, the players team up with their partner and develop a quick shot release of the ball. It helps partners isolate their shooting skills even when they’re practicing together. 

The changing spots is another excellent shooting drill that enables players to develop their ability and learn to use the court from different positions while retaining the same shot percentage. 

The 1V1 to 3V3 close-outs drill also allows players to develop their shooting skills when playing with a defensive player. As for the soft and hard close-outs with defense drills, the player practices shooting baskets when the defender moves out.

Form shooting drills 

Form shooting drills are considered among the best drills for basketball as it enables players to reduce the margin of error. The drill encourages players to develop their shooting techniques and ingest the methods into their subconscious.

In addition, the drill enables players to make thousands of shots before they find their form. 

Some of the examples of form shooting drills are:

  • Adding guide hand: Using the guide hands, the drill helps players develop their shooting technique and practice it until they’ve perfected it. 
  • One-hand form shooting: It is a drill that teaches players to release better with foolproof feet and hand placement, and better coordination. 
  • Waist to shoulder: It is a crucial form shooting drill that develops rhythm, coordination, and timing between the lower and upper body. 
  • Starting at shoulder: The drill equips basketball players with the right coordination needed with the lower body movements. It is a clear progression that enables players to master a full shooting motion form. 
  • Bank shots: An efficient drill that allows players to convert better and develop a touch of the glass. 
  • Ball pickups and shooting off the dribble: It teaches players to shoot with fluidity after dribbling the ball toward the basket. 
  • One motion: The shooting drill encompasses the knowledge of some of the form shooting drills and integrates them into one. 

Apart from these, many newbie basketball players are inspired by Steph Curry’s tips for form shooting. 

Exercises and drills with game-like cuts

Several drills allow players to develop specific shooting opportunities during the game, and therefore, the game-like cuts must be practiced before training. Those drills are curl cuts, straight cuts, and fade cuts. Post-down screen cuts, V-cuts, flash cuts, and zipper screen cuts. 

Dynamic form shooting drills 

For pre-game preparations, the dynamic form shooting drills are ideal, and they help players quickly transition into stable positions. These are advanced drills that are ideal for professionals and youth players. 

These drills include the one-foot benches, touch the ball to the ground, one-foot squats, 360-degree dance steps, and one-foot jumps. These drills help players improve their coordination, and they’re a great workout to develop core stabilization. These drills are also known to improve stability, core strength, and balance during shooting hoops. 


The shooting drills help players develop and improve their shooting skills. These skills are required to win basketball games on the court. You can try out these exercises if you wish to play basketball with your teammates. If you are not confident of physically shooting hoops yet, you can download online basketball games and participate in the action. Or, you can enjoy the game both offline and online.

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