Kimi Raikkonen ‘the Iceman’ has found a fitting name for his children

F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen, popularly called ‘the Iceman’, has come up with fitting names for his children – “ice cubes”.

His two children, six-year-old Robin and four-year-old Rianna are already following in their father’s footsteps. The kids do karting, and could pursue a career in motorsport in a few years. But will the ice cubes mirror the ice man as adults?

Kimi Räikkönen’s adorable Instagram post, calling his kids “ice cubes”. Source: instagram

How did Kimi end up with this moniker anyway? It has something to do with his background. He hails from Finland, which is a country that produces racing drivers of few words.

Birds of a feather

It’s not just Raikkonen. Fans will rightly point to Mika Hakkinen, a fellow Finn and former world champion. He was a man who talked less, giving short interviews and one-liners. At least Hakkinen smiled more than his countryman.

On and off-track, Raikkonen is the sort of person who does what he wants. He’s even the guy who called F1 “a hobby” that he indulges in. While racing, his driving style is a joy to watch.

While other drivers are scrambling to maintain their leads and preserve their tires, Kimi just goes about his business as cool as a cucumber. He has ice in his veins, and you could genuinely make a case for his ‘cool’ nickname.

So when the former champion’s children take an active interest in their father’s career path, F1 fans eat it up. We would love to see the ice cubes in F1, racing well and fast and shaping their own legacies.

It would be an added bonus if they came with the Iceman’s personality. Drivers like him are very rare, and more of him isn’t a bad thing at all.

In an era of cardboard personalities and focus on results, somebody with Kimi’s character and demeanour would be welcome in F1. If there can be two of them, that’s even better.

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