“We know filmmakers”: Steiner has no problem with sensationalism in Netflix’s Drive to Survive

Haas team boss Guenther Steiner has said that he has no problems with the way he has been portrayed in the Netflix docuseries Drive to Survive.

Now into its third season, the series aims to give fans a closer look into the workings of the sport and some of its most well known faces.

His rugged personality and general interactions he has had on the show has given him somewhat a cut status among fans.

The Italian is fine with however he is presented, as long as the series ensures it does not misrepresent facts. He himself said that he did not watch the show.

This comes on the back of Max Verstappen recently claiming that the show is fake and uses sensationalism.

“We know filmmakers, they get the best they can out of it, that’s pretty clear,” Steiner said.

“I don’t know how much was played up and therefore I’m not with those who are critical about it. I don’t know how they managed the stuff. That’s why I don’t have much of an opinion about it.

“It’s well known that film people always try to get the best possible out of it, so that the viewers enjoy watching it. We have to, and can live with that.

“As long as stories told there are not completely wrong. I didn’t hear that, actually, that it’s untrue. Maybe sensationalised a little bit, but otherwise I don’t think much is changed in principle, at least that’s how I understand it.”

The fact that COVID regulations were in place meant the Netflix crew had to station itself with one team through a race weekend. This undoubtedly helped them unearth a lot more content and draw an association with the subjects.

Steiner said he almost forgot he was being filmed since the interaction with the crew was so effortless.

“They are just integrated into the team for the weekend.

“This year it’s a little different, it seems to me. Sometimes you have a microphone above you and you don’t even notice it. But otherwise you know exactly when you are filmed and when you are not.

“The only thing they sometimes do, you get a microphone so they have better audio. But you know exactly what they are doing – there’s no surprise there.

“They behave the way that you don’t even notice them after a while. They become part of your daily life. That’s why there aren’t really any problems. They are all super-nice people. They just do their job.”

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