Lance Stroll has a ‘political’ advantage over Sebastian Vettel: Jacques Villeneuve

Sebastian Vettel is finally climbing up the ranks on the grid after securing a P5 at the Monaco Grand Prix.

The four-time world champion had a difficult time at Ferrari where he was overshadowed by Charles Leclerc.

However, the German has managed to start afresh at Aston Martin alongside Lance Stroll.

While it is true that Vettel had some initial struggle, he is now able to match pace with the Canadian.

Sebastian Vettel. Source:

Former F1 champion reveals Stroll’s advantage

1997 Formula one champion Jacques Villeneuve discussed whether could Vettel overtake Stroll within a season.

“I don’t know … Lance knows the car well. He’s been with the team for a long time and it’s his team. Who knows how it is politically there. But Lance is not a bad driver. He took a pole in the rain last year.” he said.

Stroll vs Vettel

This is one of the few times that Villeneuve has spoken positively of Stroll. Earlier, he had expressed criticism considering the fact that Stroll is the son of a billionaire.

The fact that Stroll’s father owns Aston Martin did not help the cause. As a result, many have assumed that Stroll is in the seat only because of his father.

Vettel and Stroll. Source:

Irrespective of this, the Canadian has put forth some incredible performances. On the other hand, Vettel will be highly motivated after his win in Monaco.

Overall, Aston Martin has been steadily improving as the races go by.

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