Lando Norris appreciates Hamilton’s mid-race praise; Claims to not do something similar

McLaren driver Lando Norris is currently among the top drivers of the ongoing 2021 season.

The Brit has already crossed his points total from last year with just nine races this season so far and is placing McLaren third in the constructors’ championship.

The young driver has been on the receiving end of praises considering his exceptional driving. However, Lewis Hamilton’s mid-race compliment in Austria was the most significant one that he had received.

Norris was flushed by the praise, but claimed that he would never do anything like that if he were in Hamilton’s place.

What exactly happened in Austria?

Norris had a magnificent end to the triple header. At the Austrian Grand Prix, he missed out on claiming the pole by just four one-hundredths of a second.

He even managed to qualify ahead of both the Mercedes drivers.

During the race, Norris had an intense battle with Hamilton for the P2 spot. However, he had to let Hamilton take the lead after 20 laps.

Once Hamilton overtook Norris, the seven-time world champion praised the young driver on the radio, saying, “Such a great driver, Lando.”

Even though Hamilton overtook Norris, the latter was able to reclaim his lost position by the end of the race.

Norris wouldn’t do what Hamilton did

Even though Norris appreciated Hamilton’s praise, he revealed that he would not do anything like that himself.

“It was cool hearing it from Lewis. More so than from any other driver in F1,” Norris said.

“It was in the middle of the race which I wouldn’t ever do. And it was a bit odd because you don’t expect to hear it.

“But it means even more that he said it after he had gone past and I was racing against him, rather than him dropping back because of any problems,” he said.

Lando could have held up Hamilton

Despite receiving praise for his performance, Norris had a boost in his confidence after the race in Spielberg. This was primarily because he had the opportunity to race against Hamilton.

“It was weird – but cool at the same time because it was the first time I’d ever raced against Lewis for more than one corner,” he added.

“It’s a different feeling because you know he’s the best. And he’s the best for a reason. He’s good at attacking and defending but I feel like I was capable of holding him off for 20 laps last week,” he concluded.

With the next race in Silverstone, Norris will not only look to score points but also try his luck for the podium.

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