McLaren driver Lando Norris has disclosed that he will be having a discussion with teammate Daniel Ricciardo following their battle at the French Grand Prix.

The McLaren duo managed to earn a P5/P6 finish giving them a lead of 16 points over their rivals Ferrari securing them a third place in the constructor’s standings.

However, the race was not very straightforward for the two drivers despite their finishes.

Norris did not have the best start

Norris did not exactly have a picture-perfect start off the line and ended up losing positions including to Ricciardo who took the wide route outside of Turn 1 to get through.

As a result, Norris was forced to take evasive action to try and get past his teammate.

The Brit also felt that Ricciardo was ‘aggressive’ in his defense.

What did Norris say?

“It was [an aggressive defense],” Norris said in an interview with

“I have nothing against Daniel but I think he shouldn’t have done that.

“But that’s racing, I probably would have done the same thing with him – but I was on the edge of the kerb.

“If there had been tarmac or something on my right, then I wouldn’t be complaining. But because there were all these vibrations and bumps, I couldn’t take my corner and I had to go straight because he squeezed me out.

“I’m not looking to complain about it but for sure we’ll discuss it.”

Ricciardo played nicely afterwards

Despite his aggressive driving initially, the rest of the race was much of a breeze for the two drivers.

Ricciardo allowed Norris to overtake him considering they were on different strategies.

It was this that led Norris to claiming a top-5 finish.

‘Strategy played a big part’

“I think our strategy played a big part,” Norris said.

“I was struggling with my tyres at the end of the first stint, it was really bad.

“But when I came out [of the pits] I was still very close to the drivers in front of me, because I had a clear run at the end of the first stint.

“They had already used up a lot of tyre wear, so I was able to attack and pass them quite easily. The team did a very good job and I think I did too. And that’s why everything worked out well.”

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